(1) Modified sine wave output.
(2) 2 times high surge power (200VA) for motor related application.
(3) High efficiency up to 85%.
(4) Protections: Battery low alarm / Battery low shutdown / Over temp./ Output short / Over load
(5) Application :
•No containing motors, desktop computer, electric tools.
•Apply to the use of TV, VCR, notebook, fax machines ... and other machines.

Application Products

POWER E-Go has developed advanced energy storage devices for 3C products. POWER E-Go batteries keep your electric devices energizing always.

  • Model No: 200W
  • AC Input Mode : Max 5A
  • Output:
      ‧Rated Power: 200VA
      ‧Maximum Output Power: 220VA
      ‧AC Voltage: 100V/55Hz or 110V/60Hz
      ‧AC Regulation: ±5%
      ‧Efficiency: 85%,Efficiency is tested by200VA, 26V Battery voltage
  • Protection:
      ‧BAT. Low Alarm: 23V±5%
      ‧BAT. Low Shutdown: 21V± 5%
      ‧Over Temperature: 75℃ Mos Fetm
      ‧Charging time: About 6 hours charging time
      ‧Output Short: Shut down output voltage, Inverter re-power on to recover
  • USB Port:
      ‧Output Voltage: 5V± 5%
      ‧Out Put Current: 2.1A Max
      ‧Protection: Output short & Over temperature
      ‧Auto Usb Id: Auto detect and charge for Apple devices and BC compliant devices
      (Support the USB-IF Battery Charging 1.2 provisions & APPLE device)

  • PB-110

  • PB-110